Friday, February 4, 2011

Read the Pages

You can go through and read the pages that I have listed here. I recently just started this blog, and I will have lots more coming in the very near future. So far, all I have is the page labeled "Mashiakh." On that page, I talk about the true name of the Mashiakh.

Later pages will talk about:
  • Observing the Mo-eds (Feast) of HASHEM (The Name).
  • Shabbat being on the seventh day instead of the first day.
  • What the Mashiakh (Messiah) has the say about Torah (the Law).
  • What is Paul really saying about Torah.
  • and more...
Rules for commenting on this blog:

  • Only appropriate language will be accepted in here.
  • There will be no "ALL CAPS" on any page. All caps indicate either yelling or screaming.
  • If there is more than one question, post it separately. I will approve one at a time and reply to the question.
  • I ask that you would post all questions on the appropriate page. If there is no page for the question that you have, then post it on the "Other" page.
I will approve all questions that follow the above rule.

I hope that you enjoy!